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sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2011

Laws Mirot: psychographed by Milton Mirot

"I'm not perfect, nor is this work, but one day I and all my work will be." Milton Mirot

I decided to summarize all OGGU The Book, a book on d 14 A4 pages.Here you will learn all my life philosophy and my ideas about spirituality and about our fucking laws we use today in Brazil and the rest of the world.
I propose a constitution of only three articles in the extreme efficient and very simple.
And best of all!
This book is all written in a standard cultured Portuguese!And it is free to all ages.

The real sin or crime in society

Normally my books, always have and I swear I must write in a Portuguese wrong and often abbreviated as the language of the Internet, which is widely used in MSN, Orkut, facebook and many other social networks. The problem that many people do not like to read books in Portuguese language Internet or wrong, unless that language is the Internet! But what else XATA ... I'm also trying to write this book in a language that is free for all audiences.
Because usually, there are many bad words even in my books ... "The Book OGGU" for example, that despite everything I say it really have any sense, many people would not even want to touch it because they can not read it. Because believe me. I often curse the same player! And with the intention of offending the same!Hence this book. I speak the same thing that's in "The Book OGGU" in a way that readers demanding (even fresh ... OPS! Now let ...) learn to read and understand me very well.To begin reading, know that this book is not a book of self-help book is a CONNECT FOD # - # # and BE HAPPY! (If you want to find out what I said the word three letters that I cut, I'll give you a clue, the Brazilian film censors because, damn it to put the characters speak.)

This book is essential for all our authorities of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial read so that they serve the same manual as the laws that they think and devise and execute, are already quite late to the world today!
And I honestly would like to send them all to take place even at that!They should put their face in that same place! I'm talking about that place that you do need the same number 2! As I will not swear in this book ... It gave to you my dear reader and the reader know what I mean. In fact, this book goes for the whole society we live in it.

As a Sufi sage said, "You need not read a holy book to know what life is like.
You need only observe it. "For us ... We have sacred books that inspire our laws, telling us what is right or wrong, do this and do that. I know that all these holy books we can get many good and useful in our life. But these same books also replete with dogma and put us to follow rules that are unnecessary to society, and most of the time for me, even before some unnecessary given by Allah in spirituality.

You like being - human, just need to know two things that really is a crime or sin in society.
This at least to society!
Before God or yourself. Each person will decide whether or not sin or crime. I call these two things that really is a sin or crime, to enslave or coerce the next, because normally people who do this, it is often for their own benefit and usually the next chip to the benefit of those who commit one of these two sins. Save a few exceptions of those committing these two types of sin or crime that is not to harm their victims or defendants, throughout the text, will show these exceptions is obvious.
First let us understand what is to enslave.
Enslave is forcing anyone to do something or go for something that goes against their will. When I steal someone in a robbery, I force myself to go through the discomfort of having an inappropriate object without your permission. When I stealing someone, I force a person to have his object lost his will and without permission. When I force a person to work for me without getting something in return, I also do not do something their own free will. In this term, comes a lot things that are really a crime or sin in society, if you think that alone will know that it is a crime, not only against man but against every earthling and all nature as well.

Then, look for us rational men, we also enslaved animals and requires them to be our food and can be sure that the cows and pigs and chickens, has not the slightest desire to be our main dish of the day.
The least we should do for them because we eat them, is to give you a very happy life and kill them after having lived with very luxurious, with lots of sex and many eteóginas hallucinogenic drugs before they turn around our plates! And their death should be to pain or minimal pain even if we Comelico! You can be sure that does not bother me to live and then die like this and most of us do not! I can not say that the Earth has a will or consciousness that we humans are destroying it, but we and our actions against nature is forcing us to go through things we do not like that go against our will. The air is polluted and the water too, the plants are getting enough food for us, hunger is spreading and I doubt that any sane man is willing to be without a good air to breathe without a good water to drink and bathe without good food planted in mother earth to eat.
Or other sin, is to coerce.
What is coercion? It's making you act for me or for me or for me and me without you knowing you're doing it. And without that you know especially if you do, you will chip, get screwed, if damaging, destroying, SE # # FUD(Here is the same as fuck and its derivatives.)later. Want an example. I come at you and say, "Take this rock of crack smoke, you will feel very quickly!" But I'll tell you that you will destroy your brain and body and ruin your life becoming an outcast in society. Or come at you and say: "Give all your money to my church and God will give you a special place in heaven!" But I'll tell you that if you do, you'll run out of money to eat and drink to survive in this world capitalist requires that you have the money to survive minínimo it. Or when I come to you and say: "Donate your money to my charity and I assure you that he'll return after double!" But not tell you that your money actually goes to my own pocket and I will not He doubled back to you. That is, in all these three examples I gave above, from them, there will be some examples that will come in their day to day that you are being coerced. The media coerces you! Look at that place advertisements for the products we buy large companies!"Xuan Trotana Buy jeans and you will be the best!" Since the jeans xuan trotana is as tough and good quality or sometimes even worse than the unknown brand of jeans made in Afghanistan named Sharif Baum Hur!But still people buy jeans prefer Trotana Xuan, because it is a brand of jeans is the brand of singer Xuan Trotana popular super hyper! Even if these jeans only need a cost price of 10 reais to be done, but how the brand Trotana Xuan, who is a famous singer hyper! It will be sold to you for only $ 100,000! In this regard ...The jeans brand Sharif Baum Hur, which has a cost price to be made of only one real and yet is more resistant (Because it's made of fiber canhabo) and as beautiful as the Xuan Trotana jeans, which will be sold to you for only $ 10, gets stranded at the store because it is an unknown brand jeans.

You are coerced by these big companies when they sell you a computer, they are keen to let him have already programmed to become obsolete in three days, for you to find your computer and want to buy a junk on the fourth day the newest CORN TEL ANTA
0.2 which is 1000 times more advanced and powerful than the previous version, 0.1 ANTA TEL CORN, and they had already done the first 0.2 ANTA TEL CORN! But even so did they sell you the first issue of the first 0.1 TEL CORN ANTA on purpose, just to get you hooked on the brand and want TEL CORN ANTA then CORN TEL ANTA 0.2 which is the best! And if you do not have him and his friends have. I'm sorry for you ... You will not be able to walk with them.Because you are outdated and out of the new fashion face!

The same is also when your candidate promises that if you vote for him to be president he'll make it rain milk and hamburgers grace from heaven for you to drink and eat your children!
But then there he is elected and does not give you that! And who in the end FO# #?(Derived from fuck.) It is this same response. You! (Aplausos!) short. Is lubridiar coerce, manipulate, lie, or deceive people just to their own benefit and to hell who you lubridiou, manipulated, lied or cheated then!

These are the two types and crime or sin, rather ...
They are crimes that fall into these two types of crime or sin. The authorities of this country and world, should severely punish! Without distinction of color, creed, social class, ideology, whether you're rich or poor, black or white, Christian or voodoo, Nazi or liberal. And they must fairly punish!And this is a fairly simple way. The punishment must be proportional to sin or crime. (A Save the Mohamed was lit up with this idea! What has Allah!) Obviously, in the first instance, you punish this type of sin, giving the defendant the opportunity to offset your error or repair your error. For those who do not know what is to compensate or repair. Or you compensate and repair your crime, or else you will suffer the same thing you did your victim to suffer with his crime or sin committed against it! This inda there how to compensate or repair their mistake ... I'll give you a good example, the old saying an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In this case, the original CD Rammstein totally scratched by you at your original CD of Iron Maindem totally scratched. For a good judge is to judge these two best friends have two options. You scratched it fully original CD of Rammstein's best friend, will have to buy another original CD of Rammstein and give him now, you will have the opportunity to do that and be as brief as possible! But if you do not, you'll be required to Castigaleu, taking your original CD of the band Iron Maindem and scratch it all to him become unusable. Now that's something right! But it still. In addition to the friend who scratched and completely dismantled the original CD of Rammstein's best friend. In addition to present him with a new CD of original Rammstein alike, if you want to also give you a more Megaherz the original CD to his friend who was his victim. It's more than fair and still advisable and recommended to do!Because that attitude will make a bad attitude with a good attitude and even bigger than the proportion that was done to your friend! But it would be just beyond anything I scratch all your original CD of the band Iron Maindem also get your original vinyl of the TDCA and scratch it to the whole also make it completely useless unless you have cleared your best friend, or because did not want to or because you can not!
That would not be justice for one simple reason.
For if tip the scale in your friend that you scratched the original CD of Rammstein, on his side, will be only the original CD of Rammstein and scratched the other hand, will be your original CD of Iron Maindem scratched and unusable and also its unique and rare vinyl TDCA scratched and unusable, which will weigh more than the other side! Then you as a judge of this situation will not be being fair! Being vindictive and will benefit only the fan of the band Rammstein! And therefore, you judge, when judging must be clear to those involved in the two cases, both for the defendant as to the victim!Because the two then it will be well aware of why the final run!

This is just one example of how justice should be, in this case and many others, has yet to make and often the defendant intends to compensate.But there are cases that the defendant has no regrets and does not want to compensate.
An extreme case is the serial killer! Whoever takes the life of her son for wanting the intention of making him suffer and you suffer! And that being a psychopath and will never regret staying in place for your child to love you and fill the place of his son in his heart if it is possible for you!Ones like this, even if the only penalty due is death! Sorry to say this to you Christians.But to love the bad does not work in all cases for them to be good. I'm being realistic, drop this side of his naivete, my dear. If you do not want this psycho man dies, the minimum you have to convict him, that is to never, ever be able to kill, even if you wanted to kill or harm someone, even if he lives the rest of life as well! Brainwashing or lobotomy is a good idea or why not chip in his brain to prevent him to do this permanently?Alternatively, the total isolation of the society and every human being he can kill for life!(Lonely even what I mean.) So what I say."Cutting off the hands of a thief is not fair, because not only prevents you from stealing, but also to use their hands to work and to get a spoon and feed himself. The real act of justice, is to prevent the thief from committing only the act of stealing! "Then it comes. What is the best method to prevent a person from committing the same error, each case is different and varies from person to person. Sometimes for a thief to steal so you warn him that this is wrong and makes up for it, either willingly or cmpensando being forced. (In this case is valid enslave.) Sometimes this thief, you need to take a good beating, never to steal, sometimes he needs to have the broken fingers to stop stealing. Broken fingers, will impedilo stealing for a long time, but not permanently, as it would in the case of severed hands. One day the bones of the fingers Regeneration and return to function normally or almost normally treated well ...Sometimes he needs to get stuck in solitary confinement for a few days living on the edge of hunger, thirst, heat and cold always being aware of it, so he do not do the same thing, after having gone through all the punishment that I mentioned earlier .Or in extreme cases, it must be isolated from society in a place that can never rob anyone, or live in society, always being monitored or a written warning on his forehead that is a thief. Or using a chip in his brain that prevents you from ever want to steal when you steal!

Of course, every punishment, the severity level of it increases each time the offender comte the same offense.
In the case of robber, the first nível.1 is the warning along with compensation, if he d repeat again. The nível.2, d is the warning again and broken fingers and then compensation.If they repeat the same offense again. The nível.3 and break his fingers, put him in solitary that it is on the edge of hunger, thirst, heat and cold, almost dying in the end, but always hear every day that he should not make those two types of crime or sin that I mentioned earlier. And if he repeat again the same offense.The nível.4 of punishment is to put a biochip in his brain for that we can always know what he thinks and sees and permanently control his impulse to steal, so he never steal!

This is the alternative for small crimes.
But for major crimes? Such as murder? How to punish a serial killer? Who kills without remorse, never repents of who killed and will never seek to compensate this crime? The nível.1 it would be if a solitary move beyond thirst, hunger, heat and cold to the extreme, being at the limit of physical exhaustion and pisicológico, almost to the point of death and not die! And through other types of torture more psychological than physical. (Read my article How to Turn a psychopath in a saint) And it is obvious that during this time he is in solitary, you will always hear that should not make these two types of I cite crime, or coerce them to enslave them by giving several examples! "But wait? This is not brainwashing? "This is what you will say human rights.Look my dear representatives of human rights. I think it will be very difficult for a person after going through such an extreme situation to back up that same type of crime. The brainwashed to such a case, is proposing the book and film A Clockwork Orange. But then what next?And if that does not work? The killer even after having spent so going back to kill again? Well .. Or he must be dead soon now or have in your brain a biochip that will stay for life unable to kill. The problem that this idea of ​​the biochip, it is very dangerous in the hands of wrong people, a powerful authority, the easiest thing would be for that authority, would abuse this power to do this kind of people do what he wants without knowledge of the rest of society! So, in extreme situations, the best options are the brainwashed, the solitary life or death! You can be sure that a sentence much like this lonely hell for the great swindlers (Examples of major swindlers: Judge Lalau, Sarney, edi macedo baby boy and other scum of the worst politicians, big businessmen and religious leaders who are rotting society.) The only thing I think is more than reasonable to take this punishment to them, is the death penalty, plus the remainder must be equal to the same extreme level of penalty applied to a serial killer!

Here again we meet with representatives of human rights, which will tell me I'm wrong in these my extreme measures.
And worse! I'm being even worse than my prisoners! Okay.So the best option should always be to treat this type of "human" being is not human, because human people who I consider are those that have the least compassion for others and can be sure that psychopaths and sociopaths do not! And therefore deserve to be treated as outcasts in society and punished with the utmost rigor of the law without any compassion! For my compassion, reserved only to men who have really good and the least amount of compassion in their souls. But this does not apply to everyone! The reality is that my dear Christian! Some people only learn the pain! And there are people who do not learn from the pain! So for those who do not learn from the pain! Only the total annihilation of them will solve our problems in this world! Or would you still prefer to leave such person faulty or defective part that drives this engine we call society spoil the rest of it? Time to be rational in these situations my dear. Undress the hypocrisy of unconditional love and let a little logic and rationality of the mind to touch them right now!

Well my dear.
These two types of crime, to enslave or coerce, who should be punished by our authorities. Speaking of coercion, when coercing a person is not wrong? Want a good example? When I say to you that if you use a magic underwear, red, super-sacred mam and climb into the ring, you win the fight and get the thousand dollars prize for winning the fight! Even if you do not know that the red underwear is not sacred and do not give you super powers, ma at least it made you win the fight and the prize right? And it is obvious that for decency and conscience I would ever t charge 10% of the money for me to stay with him! But I do not mind if you give me it. And you can be sure! You may not want to give me that 10% of the prize! But most people I help succeed in life will want to give me more than happy to have helped them! I was being an ungrateful, arrogant, false humility, stupid and arrogant to deny! At least this kind of coercion, is what I admire about certain pastors who use and abuse of NLP or placebo effect to make people win in life! Those are worthy of being called good shepherds!

But as I was saying or face reader, dear reader.
The crime or sin to enslave or coerce, used exclusively to do evil, save a few exceptions, such as those already mentioned before, they should be punished strictly by our authorities. And do not tell me that only God should judge! For if this were so, we should not let judges exist in our society and what is bad today, it would be a thousand times worse! Remember that God is on their conscience and know that if you let God speak loudly on it, will know how to judge and execute! And if you really want to have a heightened awareness, must know everything!And especially should know the facts surrounding the situation of the defendant and the victim, to make good sense perfect or near perfect! Now, I can quote here, too many human attitudes, which does not go against these two kinds of sins that are sins against God to some and against his own body for one or even against his own body and God to others.

A person can get high with a variety of different drugs and in most cases does not enslave anyone, or coerce anyone to do so badly.
A person can also become a prostitute often without anyone to coerce or enslave anyone evil for doing it. I know guys who use illegal and legal drugs, and not really steal to maintain their addiction or to maintain their addiction kill or attack people when they are using their drugs. In short, I know drug addicts who only enslave themselves and involving their minimum near it.I also know that illegal drug dealers do not enslave people and not coerce people to use drugs. Everyone knows that cigarettes and alcohol are bad.Our "dealers" legalized us make it clear on the packaging of these drugs that make us bad these drugs. One person can make a lot of things without enslaving or coerce people with malicious purposes, but even so, we men influenced by religion and its false morality that we think is sin and why we should punish these people with psychological or physical punishment! There are these other kinds of sins. It is not to punish us!These other kinds of sins, only God should punish them or even punish those committing themselves, as the drug addict, he will be destroying itself by itself. What about the prostitutes? I also know that there are many prostitutes and not coerce or enslave any man to become addicted to them. And you can be sure that these prostitutes, as far as I know, most do not have the slightest intention of destroying his family and does not deserve to die so my conservative Christian guy! But be assured that a kick in the ass or your husband will divorce you deserve to have sworn to be faithful only to you and did not comply. But her husband certainly did not deserve to die for it! At least death does not carnal, but today, in certain communities, a man who commits this kind of attitude in society has decreed his grave! He died socially future purchases other women applicants were advised of the great villainy! And rest assured, that often a social death, is worse than death carnal!That death when the whole society is like an outcast you hardly raises her! Often the social death can lead a man to suicide flesh if not stronger!

And you can be sure that for this type of sin or crime, definitely not for us to judge and execute.
The sinner himself is judge and execute! Or God himself entrusted to do this.And these are some of many examples of the sins that we do not fit the tried and executed in society. But remember the sins of coercion to enslave and evil, but these are the most important and is with them that we care! For the rest is rest! They are just mere details that are not our own, except in the doer or God! That if you believe in God ...
Well citizen.
I believe in four basic rules of conduct that I recommend all men to follow and implement all aspects of your life.

Golden Rule 1: Do not self-enslaved.
As this will destroy you! There are several ways to enslave themselves, to indulge in drugs, sex, or work or cling to concepts, standards and archaic taboos imposed by self-righteousness are some of them, because even if you imprison and enslave themselves, if self-destructs. Free yourself from yourself!

Golden Rule 2: Do not let anyone enslave!
That I do not have to give many examples ...For many already mentioned above, but to remind you again, do not let anyone make you enforce something against their will! When you coerce, you are also enslaving, but only without you knowing ... Free is always the next!

Golden Rule 3: Do not enslave anyone!
Reminding you again that there are several ways to enslave. So do not force anyone to close or do something against their will. Free them from themselves!

Golden Rule 4: Do not let your next enslave yourself, do not let your neighbor be enslaved by another neighbor, do not let your next enslave another neighbor.
If you can stop it! So prevent! And remember that coerce, is to enslave others without them knowing! Nor let it be your back!This rule has only one exception, you can not force anyone to get rid of himself. Save some cases, such as the serial killer who prefers to be freed from the urge to kill even if it has to be killed because they can not get rid of this morbid desire alone! And in cases like this you also have to force it to release the killer himself, even if he does not want because others also free! The next release of themselves in all directions! That sums up this rule!

Rules 2 and 3, are the right and duty of every citizen to follow the first rule, the citizen in society, or God, if you want to follow. But the rule 4 is a duty and obligation of our authorities to follow, which should focus primarily on leave in harmony rules 2 and 3 to all of us evolve!

But if we then make one up.
It will only be summarized in three articles.

Article.1: No citizen should enslave or coerce other citizens with their own malicious purposes and benefit, with any method.

Article.2: Everyone has the right to prevent or protect another citizen or be enslaved or coerce or take it to your neighbor who is like him.

Article.3: It is the duty and obligation of all authority, and not enslave or coerce its citizens and not to let it do it against itself, as it is their duty to ensure, monitor and seek to maintain in their position of authority (
each in its share or position) that citizens have the right and duty to comply with Article 1 and 2. (Any resemblance to the laws of Asiminov is not a coincidence)

Here is my Constitution!
Now that you know it well, think well about each of these four golden rules of liberation which will follow and advise on each of these three items are the three pillars q to get a just society. And when you are punished, the law does not claim ignorance when you master it! When she dominate this country and the world one day! And first of all authority. Remember, better safe than sorry. The man who wants to be a good father of a nation, should bring a good and harmonious environment for their children. It should be like a Good Father and Mother at home with his children. Do not let them never to miss leisure, health, education and knowledge, food, water and especially love for your family! Even if your children do not need to work to have it.

The righteousness of God to deliver: Action and stillness

There are many people who suffer when something gets hurt or angry or d hate someone, that person decides to surrender to God for Him to do justice for him.
I have explained on how someone surrenders to God on my blog. But I d talk about it again. In the book of Tao, speaks on the action with stillness, which is precisely the "surrender to God" popularly said.

I'm not sure everyone notices it, but when a person makes you pass an anger, a hurt, a very great disappointment.
And you stay or a short time with this negative feeling for it or an average one time or sometimes lasting decades! The time to get this kind of negative feeling, a feeling that it generates negative thoughts, and vice versa. It's something that varies from person to person and depends on the situation that each one passes. I noticed the following, all the people that can counteract these negative feelings, no matter how long it take to achieve this in some way or another, those who have harmed people who were able to neutralize those feelings, always fod # #!(Derived from fuck) Or were more fucked # # #(Derived from fuck) q of his victims or as much as they fu #####!(Derived from fuck) Precisely because of this, because its victims, they can neutralize the negative feeling, you can see her attacker, but feel nothing, neither hatred nor affection for the abuser. And when they think the abuser is a short time when they see.

D The best way to neutralize the negative feelings, it fills them with good feelings for them to overflowing.
This you can achieve a variety of ways, praying, meditating, exercising, having sex or playing video games, watching comedy movies, no matter the form, if you still know combines them, even better! Remember what I wrote in understanding the chaos; If brimming with pure water from Allah. And obviously, this path is not easy, is the narrow path that is written in the Bible. Which of course I follow and that confirmed it in my life. The surrender to God, is to make the reaction faster or come for good or for evil. And it is entirely up to you. The faster you get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, the faster will be the reaction that her attacker will receive and equally or more potent than aggression that he did. You can be sure that people who do not hold grudges are much happier and arrange creative solutions to their problems in different ways! For no one can think of solutions in anger, hatred or sad, no matter what negative feelings or negative thoughts. Where he'll self-destruct!Why do you think people rancorous have high blood pressure, depression or a number of diseases? I am happy today because I practice it daily!

I feel no resentment or anger for a long time, even if I think of those who left me with anger or bitterness or hatred, I think for a while and just do not feel anything when I think!
I am completely neutral! And you can be sure that everyone who has made me a very evil and I applied this method, then chipped it! Received the response! That did much better and not worse, because many have become my friends today. In such action with stillness. If you came to me and a slap in the face or tell me something that makes me very upset, I usually try not to retaliate in the same way that, just go to my room and meditate, I exercise, I listen to music and try to forget you rather, try not to feel what you make me feel. I'm just neutral!Does not take long, you gonna be getting a slap in the face of someone or someone will be telling you something that will make you extremely upset.
You can be sure that there are few who can master the practice.
But it exists! The laws of the universe and forces act on your behalf if you know how to use them. The methods for that ... There are another 500 ... What position in this text, for the mysteries of Ancient Art of the Spirit, everything starts with the action with stillness!

The two things I will never believe in my life!

The first of these, is that God condemns or let someone suffer eternally in hell. For I believe God gave us intelligence to uncover the logical reasoning and many other things to make our lives easier. And the more I try to argue with every Christian, giving is biblical or historical arguments that hell is a big lie. They always come with a thousand and one excuses that I'm wrong. But when the argument with logical reasoning and I think logically, all remain unanswered!

Want to see just why?
Think about it, suppose you were in the place of God and He were omnipotent! Could it all! Do not even want to assume it's in God's place? Ok! Then suppose you could resurrect people. The worst of his enemies. That killed his wife and children with refinements of cruelty that would be enough to make any human being, no matter how good it was, getting so angry and want to kill that criminal in the same way he killed their loved ones. And then you do it! Why the hatred took care of you! And you do to prevent that same killer even do it with others.Because it will be avoiding that other good people suffer and feel the same hatred that you feel and become first bad as you, even if it has to be temporary, because a good man of truth, will not want to be evil forever .

But as I said, you have the power to resurrect people.
Do you consider a good person even after you are resurrected countless times that your worst enemy and kill him just as he did to his family? Or would you consider another person as well, which also had powers to resuscitate his enemy to do countless times and then kill him the same way he killed his family?

In both cases, I have only one conclusion to reach, a person who agrees to do or not do, can only be someone infinitely evil and hateful, something that is completely contradictory to God's unconditional love!
And if you disagree with me, you can begin to take an examination in his conscience or to a psychiatrist! For it is raving! And for many religious fanatics or is eternally God who punishes sinners who had not followed his path or the Devil is doing it for God. So do not believe in hell or eternal damnation in many religious places, before a purgatory for all sinners or evil men, proportionately suffer any harm they have done and then to feel the greatest shame of themselves before God to repent and accept Him as their Redeemer and for purifier a fresh start!

Speaking of beginnings.
As August Cury: "We can not go back in time, we can only make a fresh start" To me, this new beginning, can come up even with a life after life, even if it is a fresh start with the same life that you lives today! That's why I do not believe that there is life after death.Because I've been through this and know I'll get through it forever! The U.S. is hard to prove to skeptics that it exists. The only way they are going through the same experience I went through and remember and remember that there is always the beginning of the same vital life in which they live. The least they must consider the possibility that there is the Eternal fresh start and become skeptical optimists! Why between us skeptical and rational ... It is the fairest way for everyone who wants to change their lives for the better, even if often worse doing it! So I say. The great thing to be eternal, is to forget that is eternal and remember again that is! Always passing the clean slate of Eternal Life! Alaikun Salaam!

End of this new beginning ...

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